Waste, Decay, Relics and Remnants

Some examples of recent studio work where the scenes and subjects embody waste and stasis. A continuation of the "Static Flux" series, these pieces are smaller and more intimate, and carry much more personal and emotional weight for me in the compositional and active-painting decision-making than the previous series. I'm drawn to certain scenes based on current thought patterns, and after a period of collecting images I start to understand the significance of the subject(s), their arrangement in space, and iconic representation of my thought patterns.

Disposable Aesthetics Popup Show 2018

Whoa, can't believe it's been over 3 years since the November 2018 collaborative Disposable Aesthetics popup show I did with Chris O'Flaherty and Mark Donne of (now defunct) Lunch Money Print Collective and 5 other artists: Alexander Puz, Daniel Eugene, Nick McKnight, Kerryanne Celona and Rebecca Aloisio. So much work went into this exhibit, beginning nearly 8 months prior in February 2018 with the initial Moku Hanga woodcut of the coffee cup. 16 original paintings, 5 editions of woodcuts, 6 or 7 successful plaster sculptures, one trillion failed plaster sculptures, one incredible sign built by Manuela, 7 particle board and palette-wood sculpture pedestals, one blown Sawstop blade on MakeHaven's table saw, one night in the hospital to reattach the side of Chris's index finger, 30 days of social media ads, 4,000 facebook messenger invites, 400 trips to the Pokémoto across from Hull's, 1200 coffees from Book Trader, a museum of trash compiled and arranged from the remains of said takeout trips, one permanent banning of Chris from Hull's Gallery space by Sean the owner (for painting all the radiators black and the bathroom bright red and covering the bathroom floor in sand), one job offer to work at Hull's made to Chris by Sean immediately following the permanent ban, two ruined Gant collared shirts by Chris (do not drive a nail using a can of spray paint) a tray of strange, instant-throat-drying-mystery-flavored-rice-balls from Miya's Sushi, many bottles of amazing firecracker sake from Miya's, one bartender who consumed more than the recommended dosage of firecracker sake, one freelance reporter who consumed more than the recommended dosage of sake and was hitting on the bartender, countless awesome visitors, a few sales, and lots of memories of stress and laughter - all for a 9-day long popup show.

Alex, Nick, Kerryanne, Rebecca, Daniel, Karly, Jon, Ruby, Manuela, Mark, Bun, Jake, Seth, Kevin, and anyone else who helped (that I missed), thanks so much.

Scrimshaw Etching on Dead iPad

Experimented a bit at one point with etching on dead iPads using a lasercutter. The connection between endangered ivory and technology driven e-waste was a rich connection for me, as well as the idea that a civilization brinking on collapse would see a return to older technologies such as sailing ships.

The iPad was inked and printed using Gamblin Oil-based etching ink using traditional plate-wiping techniques. The laser-etched glass surface and the slightly raised edge of the tablet created issues for the printing of the surface, however the distressed look does not betray the central ideas of the concept.